Per Mörlin

SaaS # Strategy # Growth Digitalising railway operations globally

I took the startup program that Raja teaches since I had a Startup idea that I wanted to build a Business Plan for. Raja showed to be not only a super resourceful teacher but due to her broad background she also doubled as a mentor/coach/advisor.
For me personally it was the mix of her solid written foils during class, the discussions she set up and the case studying that really accelerated my learning curve. Raja’s contribution here was crucial. Especially her focus regarding Structure, Speed, and Performance to move faster, really set us off. I can honestly say that if she had not stressed the importance of validation and the constant defragmentation of all aspects of our construction of the Business Plan. I am most certain that it would not have been as solid as it came out. Now actively working with all aspects of Growth Management and Business Development for a Norwegian Scaleup, this course and Raja’s input has shown to be invaluable in my daily work. I strongly recommend anybody working with a Startup (idea) to make full use of her extensive knowledge and network. Either on a coaching or advisory basis. Not to mention the true bonus that Raja herself has a fantastic personality!