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30 LinkedIn content ideas for #founders and business owners

LinkedIn is a powerful channel for building an audience, gaining clients, connecting with investors, and building partnerships.

LinkedIn is a powerful channel for building an audience, gaining clients, connecting with investors, and building partnerships.

I put together 30 LinkedIn content ideas to try in 2023 to boost your visibility and growth! Each idea can be covered in 1 post.

Ready? Let´s go! 🚀

1. Describe a work-related experience.

Describe something that happened at work and how you solved it.

2. Tell your personal story.

Share your journey. The challenges you overcame, the lessons you learned.

3. Tools you love.

Share tools you love that are relevant to your clients or your peers.

Also, the opportunity to build relationships with the brands/tools you tag, engage with them, and potentially partner with them in the future.

4. An Industry update.

Share news that is relevant to your clients and to your audience. Invite them to express their opinions.

5. Your top 5 LinkedIn influencers.

Make a list of the top influencers relevant to your audience and explain why. Giving these influencers more visibility will allow you to connect and build relationships with them. Everyone wins.

6. Your top 5 content.

Pick your top 5 favorite podcasts, articles, Youtube channels, or books relevant to your audience.

7. Your 2 cents.

Share the reflection of the day.

8. Your personal why.

Tell your audience WHY you do what you do. Share what motivates you, and what drives you.

9. Your achievements.

You can brag – as long as it adds value to your audience. Share what helped you in the process of achieving your goals.

Please no humble brag: ” I am so humbled and honored blablabla” that´s so 2018… :p

10. Your company news.

Give updates. Dare building in public. You will stand out.

11. Talk about your failures.

No one is perfect. Success does not happen overnight. Describe a failure you have experienced and what you have learned from it. Being vulnerable will help you connect with others.

12. Your controversial opinion.

Explain your views and invite others to do the same.

13. Client pitfalls.

List 3 pitfalls you see your clients fall into.

Bonus: suggest solutions.

14. A terrible industry advice. 

What is the worst advice you heard? Briefly explain why. Invite your audience to share the worst advice they heard.

15. Answer a question from a client.

The best content comes from discussions with clients. Ask your audience to add their own answers in the comment section.

16. Share stories from your clients.

Share how they started, how they grew, and how they have done it. Ask to interview them, record via zoom, reshare. Businesses are usually open to sharing their stories.

17. 5 things you wish you knew.

What did you wish you knew before you started?

18. Something that annoys you.

Share and invite your audience to share their thoughts as well. There will be engagement and discussion as a result.

20. Your 3 business hacks. 

Share 3 strategies you use to grow your business.

21. Describe what inspires you.

Where do you get your inspiration and knowledge from? Share, and ask your audience to do the same.

22. Surprising results.

Share how you helped one of your clients get to where they are today.

23. Interview a company in your field.

Introduce your audience to other companies that can support their growth.

24. Interview a potential client.

Your audience can learn from them + you get a chance to build relationships with a potential new client, create value for them by giving them visibility, and strengthen their positioning.

25. Interview a (potential) partner.

As before, you can build relationships and create value for a company you’d like to partner with while creating value for your audience.

26. Interview an industry expert.

Same as before.

27. Industry secrets & insights.

Give your industry’s secrets to those outside your field. Information like this is usually held with peers rather than clients. Time to let that out in the open.

28. Your 3 best posts.

Make a post where you reshare your top 3 most successful posts.

29. Exclusive content (like this list).

Share something that is usually only accessible to your clients.

30. Your newsletter.

 If you are sharing valuable content via your newsletter (which you should do), reshare parts of it on Linkedin and add the link to your newsletter. A way to also get new subscribers.


I know it is scary to post, but I promise, it is worth it. 

Keep in mind these rules:


– AVOID BRAGGING especially if the content is not creating value for the audience.


When working with founders I help with fundraising and scaling. LinkedIn is a great tool to support their growth.

Let me know if you need help with fundraising and scaling in 2023!

I am only one LinkedIn message away :).

Happy New Year!

The Visionary VC helps founders access the network, knowledge, tools, and capital to accelerate their growth. 🚀

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