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How I bootstrapped my startup to 200,000 users and got acquired

He built an app, and gained 200´000 users, with 0 marketing budget.

He did not raise any money and sold his company 18 months later while working full-time for another company.


Seth Radman 🎷 is a 4x startup founder with 2 exits.

Since 2014, he has built 40+ products used by more than 300 million people.

Another WOW.

Seth was also the Founder & CEO of Crescendo, an AI music training app used by over 1 million musicians. Ultimate Guitar acquired it in 2019.

WOW just WOW.

In this interview, he shares how he started and the strategies they used to grow and exit.

Enjoy the interview!

PS: skip the first 2 minutes to go straight to the interview. I tried to edit the video, but could not. I will never record on the zoom cloud again😅

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