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13 pitfalls to avoid when starting a tech company

Here are the most common pitfalls I have seen founders make when they were starting a tech company 👇:

(Disclaimer: I have made the same mistakes, it has been a steep learning curve 😅).

  1. Hiring a CTO right away
  2. Hiring a marketing or branding agency
  3. Hiring more people than necessary (in general)
  4. Renting an office space
  5. Developing your app/software/platform before talking to customers
  6. A constant stream of new features (based on one’s imagination)
  7. Getting validation from friends and family
  8. Getting sucked into startup events and conferences
  9. Investing more time in finding investors than in finding customers
  10. Trying to raise money too early before knowing what investors are looking for
  11. Putting a high valuation on your business
  12. Being surrounded by advisors who do not have any experience building what you are building
  13. Trying to have the perfect solution before launching


  • Validate the problem + Build a waitlist + test a 1st simple solution
  • Establish a personal brand in order to build trust
  • Recruit based on specific needs
  • Work from home, coffee shops, or libraries until you have enough customers to pay for an office
  • Launch before you are ready
  • Stay LEAN

Have you experienced some of these pitfalls?

Let me know. Happy to hear from you here, via LinkedIn or email :).


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